This trashy animation movie about transgressive body perception was the result of a master class on boundaries by Cyrrus Frisch. It was created within the DasArts Block "The Glamour of Violence" mentored by Dutch filmmaker Boris Gerrets.

    The text used is a compilation of fragments of interviews given in a BBC documentary on'Body Identity Integrity Disorder'

    I don't know what it is or were it comes from. I can trace this enormous desire back to the time when I was four or five...and also the feeling of 'this is working, this is immoral, and you have to keep this a secret,nobody should know about it.

    Gregg, statement in BBC documentary

    In 2012 DasArts - The Master of Theatre Amsterdam commissioned me to create a promotional trailer for online broadcast. In collaboration with DasArts participants and alumni, I constructed a set of video performances that expresses individual points of view on the participant's trajectory within the institution.

    'Interferenzen' was the name of my Individual Trajectory Research at DasArts Amsterdam. It focussed on the interferences between thoughts, emotions and movement. Participants were invited to execute a set of simple task in front of a semi-permeable-mirror, being able to look at themselves while being filmed.

    In Schorf (German for 'scab') we witness a human body longing for a place or a state to feel at home. This intense quest appears partially rough, partially gentle, exploring the physical limits. A body driven by a fundemental desire. dance-solo (25min)

    A solo performance on gender identity produced by Werkplaats L'Avventura A female dancer is exploring the inner and outer resistance of what is understood as gender identity.Trying on different aspects of different masks, she aims for authenticity. But what is real and what is fake? dance: Kate Olsen light: Dennis van Paassen

    Short Dance Film for the Choreographic Capture

  • concept and creation:
    Jochen Stechmann
  • advice:
    Boris Gerrets, Cyrrus Frisch
  • production: DasArts