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Workingmaking Out

Sexuality and Truth - The next Challenge

Video lectures and live trailer by Matias Daporta and Jochen Stechmann
(Première in October 2015, Theater Frascati Amsterdam)

Workingmaking Out is constructed as a physical and mental training that combines elements of the late philosophy of Michel Foucault with Jane Fonda’s Aerobics format into a D-I-Y philosophical workout. In a two-hander performance of about an hour length, the audiences witnesses two gay performers executing a set of seven exercises aimed to transform their relationship with sexuality, power and honesty.


While the main structure of the performance is fixed, the exercises are improvised on the spot. Workingmaking Out is pretty direct and entertaining, but as well challenges the audience to re-evaluate their own thought patterns regarding sexual behaviour.

The performance is accompanied by an interactive website, which playfully invites the spectators (and other users) to investigate further and upload personal content. This ‘online archive of authentic sexual experiences’ also functions as digital artwork independent of the performance.

The workout was initially planned as a witty satirical commentary on existing presumptions regarding sexual practices, their identity shaping mechanisms, and the merciless commercialisation that any successful body practice seemingly has to undergo. However, during the development of the workout, as we invited people to practice with us, to our surprise the playful format we invented, indeed, had a transforming effect on the people who practiced. For all of them, including us, it changed or strengthened their perspective on their own sexual stories and allowed them to discover possibilities for new experiences. As a result, we aim now to promote the workout as a genuine experience and combine it with public workshop.

    Concept and Creation: Jochen Stechmann, Matías Daporta | Camera and Edit: Jeanette Groenendaal, Zoot Derks | Web Developer: Markus Möhler, Jochen Stechmann | Webdesign: Matías Daporta | Hostess: Lisa Vereertbrugghen | Practitioners: Esther Arribas, Nadia Bekkers
  • The whole philosophy behind this is a holistic approach to physical and mental well-being....And remember: Discipline is liberation!
    Jane Fonda
  • But couldn't everyone's life become a work of art?
    Michel Foucault