The Critical Piece(s)

An Ongoing research on Dance Criticism and the relation between movement and language. The Critical Piece starts from a simple idea: to create a dance solely on the base of already written dance reviews. The usual order to write a review as a reaction on the dance is turned around: the dance is constructed as a reaction on the review.

Within a laboratory setup we explore choreographic structures in which the highly comitted performers methodically investigate their subject through the execution of specific tasks. These practices create multilayered insights into the mechanisms of criticism and the mutual influences of words, movements and perception upon each other.

Dance reviews from local sources are included in the experiments.

  • It is direct and in your face.The Critical Piece boldly deconstructs dance criticism and reflects bravely on dance and its discourse

    Elien van Riet - Why Not? Magazine

  • A play referring to significations, enlivened by the personal style of performing and the nod towards popular culture

    Mirjam van der Linden - De Volkskrant

  • Ein ebenso vergnüglicher wie nachdenklicher Abend über die ewigen Kreisläufe von Kunst und Rezeption, die hier um einen spannenden Loop erweitert werden

    Torben Ibs - Leipziger Volkszeitung

  • Ein sehr weiträumiges und in sich auch widersprüchliches Spannungsverhältnis bekommt mit The Critical Piece eine pointierte Reflektionsanregung, was aus diesm Kurzstück unbedingt Kunst macht.

    Thierry Frouchaux - PS Magazin Zürich

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    • concept, choreography: Jochen Stechmann
      direction Leipzig: Claudia Van Rooij
      performance: Ulrike Etzold, Gabrielle Uetz, Zoë Gyssler, Mariangela Tinelli, Jochen Stechmann, Andrea Beugger, Silke Hundertmark, Nadia Tsulukidze
      assistent: Nadia Tsulukidze
      light: Stefan Kracht, Raoul Baeten
      video-animations: Jochen Stechmann
      produced by: Traum-A, Dansmakers Amsterdam
      supported by: Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, SNS Reaal Fonds, Tanzhaus Zürich
      Uitmarkt Amsterdam
      Moving Meetings Maastricht
      PUNCH Festival, Amsterdam
      WHY NOT? Festival W139, Amsterdam
      dOCUMENTA13, Kassel
      Tanzmesse Düsseldorf
      LOFFT, Leipzig (in collaboration with euro-scene festival)
      Tanzhaus Zürich
  • ...multiply, not judgments, but signs of existence...
    Michel Foucault